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About Vivid Labs

Vivid is content publishing + media processing infrastructure for a new generation of creators & builders, developed on Web3 tech.

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A bold vision for NFTs

NFT 2.0 from Vivid Labs defines a new frontier

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Vivid Labs believes in the power of NFTs to create significant new value from digital assets, catalyze novel engagement between creators and fans, and establish channels for persistent communication between brands and customers.

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Experienced & Impactful Team

Vivid Labs boasts a team of media, cloud, and blockchain experts who have been centrally involved in the development of applications, services, and platforms for some of the biggest names in media + technology.

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Live Planet, Inc. develops and operates the VideoCoin Network under agreement with the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd. Its principals and a team of accomplished media and technology advisors drive the innovation that is reimagining the future of video.


Accomplished Expert Leadership

Deep Experience, Technical Savvy, Industry Connections

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Halsey Minor

Founder and CEO

Halsey is the technology visionary behind some of the greatest successes in enterprise computing, anticipating “what’s next” in enterprise architecture and technology adoption.

Halsey and his team have founded or co-founded services that today generate 325 million monthly users with a cumulative market value of over $220 Billion, including building a NASDAQ 100 company from scratch.

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+1 (415) 858 1600

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