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VIVID for Developers

Vivid Labs' powerful NFT infrastructure delivers unparalleled capabilities to create advanced NFTs.


Three Ways to Play

Harness the Power of VIVID NFTs



Robust and customizable package to implement sophisticated apps with the complete NFT 2.0 feature set


VIVID NFT for Shopify

For creating, selling, and managing NFTs with NFT 2.0 features from your Shopify storefront



For rapid, turnkey deployment of basic NFT functionality using our open source solution


Marketplace in Minutes, not Months

Deploy your own NFT Marketplace with ease

Familiar Tools. Powerful Results.

Use our open-source VIVID Open platform to quickly and easily set up your own NFT marketplace.

Web3 Compliant, while making it a snap to create, manage, and sell NFTs. Use Metamask, Truffle and other familiar tools to interact with VIVID NFTs. Nothing new to learn!

Transluscent iridescent spheroid

Create Resilient NFT Apps Effortlessly

Our pioneering “Proof of Ownership” solution creates a unique cryptographic signature for each asset, ensuring a secure and provable link between the NFT and its underlying media – stopping NFT theft and solving difficult technical issues inherent to most NFT implementations.



Learn how to build applications on the VIVID Platform.


Getting Started with the
VIVID NFT App for Shopify

Set up your own NFT marketplace on Shopify.


Getting Started with the Vivid Open
NFT marketplace builder

Use Vivid Open with Filecoin storage. Learn about Docker installers, and installing video-nft smart-contracts and wyvern-exchange smart-contracts on an Ethereum-VM compliant blockchain.


Developer Downloads

Show me the code!

VIVID Open NFT Marketplace

version Alpha

Create and launch your very own marketplace with this open-sourced release application with VIVID Platform and Filecoin integrations for mining, trading, and storing resilient NFTs.

The VIVID Open NFT Marketplace App Installer via React

Worker Hub

version Alpha

Easy to run desktop application that makes setting up a Worker node on the VIVID Platform, and directly staking VID to the Worker, a simple guided process. Use this early alpha release at your own risk. Please report bugs on our forum.

Built to simplify Worker setup on Windows and Mac platforms

Worker Docker Tools

version 1.1.0

Allows you to run a VIVID Platform Worker in any Docker-supported environment. More complex than the Worker App, but offers more control and flexibility for how your Worker runs. See our documentation for info on getting the Worker up and running.

No change notes for this release

Worker Binaries

version 1.1.1

Set up a Worker with a Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano using binaries. See our docs for information on how to get these  set up and running.

No change notes for this release

Direct Staking Tools

version 1.1.0

The direct staking tool helps Workers stake VID directly to their own Worker node in order to meet the minimum required stake to launch a Worker node. See documentation for details.

No change notes for this release

Staking Pool Op. Tools

version v0.2.3-6-g870a832

Easily get a delegated staking pool setup and running using our Staking Pool Operator Tools to manage automatic payouts to your third party delegates.

No change notes for this release


Join the NFT Evolution

Unleash your creativity!

Create vibrant, updateable NFT experiences combining multiple media assets of any type.

Connect with our active community.


Make it VIVID




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