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VIVID NFT App for Shopify
Official Beta Program member with Shopify.

What if your NFTs could do more?
The next-generation NFT publishing platform – now for Shopify ,the #1 ecommerce development platform.

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Novel features for more compelling media experiences

Mint, manage and sell advanced multimedia NFTs easily and conveniently from your Shopify storefront.


Any Media

Create NFTs from any media format including JPEGs, MP4 videos, MP3s, 3D Objects, etc. 


Limitless combinations

NFTs are no longer a single media asset, but contain multiple assets all in a single NFT.



NFTs can be updated with new media over time for dynamic, evolving experiences.

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All the complexity of blockchain abstracted.
All the ease of Shopify.

Pay with credit card

Accepts all Shopify payment methods including Shopify Pay, so your customers can use a credit card to pay for NFTs.

Wallet optional

Includes a built-in "custodial wallet" so your customers don't need to manage their own crypto wallet.

No crypto, no gas

We remove all the headaches of minting and selling NFTs.

 Integrated iOS and Android App

We enable a mobile app for every merchant on the Vivid platform.

VIVID NFT for Shopify brings the exploding world of NFTs to your store

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Have no idea how to design an NFT engagement?

No Problem!

Vivid LabsVivid LabsVivid Labs

We've partnered with Mint Werx, a premium NFT creative and production studio, who can help you conceptualize, design and activate your NFT projects.

Check out our recent collaboration with Mint Werx and Natural Selection Tour.


Engage the VIVID Community

Share your work, ideas, and techniques with our active community.


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