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Dedicate your unused compute power and earn.

Make money on the VIVID Platform by setting up your unused processing capacity as a Worker Node on our decentralized network.

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Simple Setup

Easy – and powerful

Use any hardware that works with Docker to configure your Worker Node and begin taking jobs assigned by the network in minutes.

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Get Paid in Cash

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Earn Up to 80% of job fees

Unlike other projects that deliver only inflating tokens as reward, we pay our Workers in cash, up to 80% of fees from a completed job. You can elect to take your rewards in VID tokens if you prefer.

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How it Works

1. Get Started

Our Quickstart Guide will get you set up and running our latest Worker software in minutes.

2. Begin Working

Once your Worker node is set up, it will receive portions of jobs to work on. When each portion is complete, it will be submitted for review.

Get Paid

Upon completion of work validation, you will be paid for the work completed in cash. Cash payments will be handled by Public Mint.


Learn How To Get Started

Tutorials to get you up and working in no time

Quick Guide

Worker Quickstart

Begin Tutorial
Rasberry Pi

Setting up a Worker on Raspberry Pi

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Setting up a Worker on Jetson Nano

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Join the NFT Evolution

Unleash your creativity!

Create vibrant, updateable NFT experiences combining multiple media assets of any type.

Connect with our active community.


Make it VIVID




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